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Send Email crashes FileMaker

Question asked by ian_pretty on Jan 2, 2009
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Send Email crashes FileMaker

Description of the issue

On some computers it works, and on others sending even the most simple emails crashes FileMaker. We use Thunderbird as our email client from IMAP server.  Our scripts on FileMaker works fine at one our offices on a network of PC's running Windows 2000 and XP. Yet at our other office it crashes FileMaker every time! It is not working on a PC with Vista nor a laptop with XP on broadband internet that are otherwise stable. When FileMaker crashes a PC running XP it sends an error report to Microsoft and creates a text file with details called 9630_appcompat.txt. It usually generates the email in this situation as it's last dying act. When FileMaker crashes a PC running Vista there is a dialogue box that FileMaker has stopped workiing, with the only option to close the program. Attempts to fix this problem, unsuccessful to date, include: uninstalling all FileMaker software & components (even hunting them all down with searches of invisible files)re-installing FileMaker versions: 8, 8 Advanced and 8.5 Advancedreducing emails to beingextremely simple testssending email manually by using menudumbing down Thunderbirdreplicating the systems at the successful officetesting on local files as well as remoteThanks for help in solving this serious bug!