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Send event to open a snapshot conflicts with later script steps

Question asked by MichaelWiseman on May 14, 2015
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Send event to open a snapshot conflicts with later script steps


FileMaker Pro


Advanced 13

Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

I am trying to open a snapshot from a script.

When I click the snapshot, it works perfectly.
When There are no script steps after the send event, it works perfectly, but certain steps after the send event seem to conflict with it and the snapshot doesn't open

Steps to reproduce the problem

set variable $time1 = get current time
Go to layout x
send event aaa.fmpsl
set variable $time2=get current time
show custom dialog time2-time1/1000

The snapshot was made in the same layout I am set on, strictly speaking, the go to layout may not be necessary.

Expected result

The snapshot opens

Actual result

It doesn't (but it does when the dialog box is disabled).


Things that don't work
Placing a 10 second pause between the send event and the dialog box
putting an infinite loop.
Refreshing the window before or after the dialog box
Placing many set variables after the send event (though just a few isn't a problem)
Filefire launch function
Using send event on a .bat file that opens the snapshot