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Send Mail does not create message if Message field is empty

Question asked by dburnham on Jul 23, 2012
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Send Mail does not create message if Message field is empty


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Macintosh OS10.7.4

Description of the issue

Unless you type anything - even a single space character - into the message text field of the SendMail function, it will not create a new message in the client.  This is identical behavior whether or not the function is used as a script step or just assigned to a button.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Make a button.
Assign it to the SendMail function.
Assign a TO from a field
Write a subject of one or more words, it doesn't matter
Don't write anything in the message text
Do not check Perform Without Dialog.
(the intent is for the user to create the pre-addressed message and then write their own message)
Press your button and you will see that nothing goes into your mail client, although the mail client does become active.
Put one or more characters into your Send Mail message text
Press your button and you will see an open window with the expected result.

Expected result

An open message in your mail client

Actual result

Nothing happens except that the mail client activates


always put a space character or a dot or some text of any kind into the message text, such as "Write your message here"