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Send Mail from FileMaker Server 12 Advanced

Question asked by StephenBrannan on Mar 3, 2013


Send Mail from FileMaker Server 12 Advanced


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

2008 R2 SP1

Description of the issue

I have a script that simply sends an email with information about a database.  The script runs fine from FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 but won't run as a Scheduled Script from FileMaker Server Advanced 12.  I've created exactly the same script in a database running on FileMaker Server Advanced 11 and that runs fine, therefore I can only think it is a v12 bug.  I've updated to v3 of Server 12 and same problem occurs.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Manually Run the Scheduled Script.

Expected result

I should get an email.

Actual result

The Server Schedule reports a FileMaker Script Error, there's no problem with the script as it runs fine in Pro 12 and exactly the same script in a FileMaker 11 database runs fine as a Schedule from Server 11.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

FileMaker Script Error

Configuration information

I've uploaded a Screenshot of the Script, obviously I've changed the password of the SMTP Configuration!


Running it in Pro but I want to run it from Server.