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    Send Mail from FileMaker Server 12 Advanced



      Send Mail from FileMaker Server 12 Advanced


      FileMaker Server



      Operating system version

      2008 R2 SP1

      Description of the issue

      I have a script that simply sends an email with information about a database.  The script runs fine from FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 but won't run as a Scheduled Script from FileMaker Server Advanced 12.  I've created exactly the same script in a database running on FileMaker Server Advanced 11 and that runs fine, therefore I can only think it is a v12 bug.  I've updated to v3 of Server 12 and same problem occurs.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Manually Run the Scheduled Script.

      Expected result

      I should get an email.

      Actual result

      The Server Schedule reports a FileMaker Script Error, there's no problem with the script as it runs fine in Pro 12 and exactly the same script in a FileMaker 11 database runs fine as a Schedule from Server 11.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      FileMaker Script Error

      Configuration information

      I've uploaded a Screenshot of the Script, obviously I've changed the password of the SMTP Configuration!


      Running it in Pro but I want to run it from Server.