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Send Mail script command with Outlook and Windows 7 not working

Question asked by MikeDunaway on Jun 1, 2011


Send Mail script command with Outlook and Windows 7 not working


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7 w/ SP1

Description of the issue

When attempting to execute a script to send an email via my Outlook Client, the following occurs:
-FMPro opens the email send screen
-the subject line programmed in the script does not show up
- the programmed Message does appear in the email client
-Clicking Send or Ctrl-Enter fails to send the message
-The message shows up directly in my Outlook "Out" box with the subject line in tact, but when opening the messgae from there, there is no subject!
- Send/Receive in Outlook will not send the message from the Out box. The message must be deleted.

I just upgraded my OS to Windows 7 Pro. Prior to that, the script worked great on Win XP Pro.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I have my script set to send via E-mail Client (and Outlook is set as my default email program to be used by other programs)

The script has a pre-set subject embedded in "", but this does not appear in the email client.

The script has a pre-set message embedded in "". This does appear in the email client

Expected result

Prior to Windows 7, executing this script wouold cause the email client to open with the TO: address, subject and message pre-filled. I could then annotate the email message as needed and click Send. The email would then be sent to my Outlook Out box for processing.

Actual result

Now, the message appears immediately in the Out Box, and the email client Send does not work at all. Further, the email in the Out box never gets sent.

When in the Out Box, the email's subject does appear. When the message is opened from the Out Box, the subject is blank (all other pre-filled fields appear as expected)

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error messages