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Send Mail SSL error with no feedback

Question asked by StuartElliott on Apr 9, 2013


Send Mail SSL error with no feedback


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

I created a script to send email from email addresses from a found set.  The Send Mail script step is sending via SMTP server.  I specified the "Create: multiple emails (one for each record in the found set)" option.

During the execution of Send Mail, I get this error message: "There was an error with SSL."  That's all it gave me.  I didn't tell me WHAT error it got, it didn't tell me which email address it was processing at the time.  Nothing.  I could find no option to specify a log file and I looked for one without finding one.

So, now I have a mess on my hands.  Some emails went out, some did not and I cannot tell which is which.  Even if I knew what the SSL error was so that I could investigate and fix what ever needs to be fixed (but I can't because FileMaker would not give me a clue), I still don't know which emails were sent successfully.  I don't want to resend the same email twice and, without the knowledge of what went wrong with SSL, I don't want to just run the script again because it would just error again.

I know that if I use the "create multiple emails" option with SMTP that Send Mail will stop with an SSL error, but why can't it give me SOME indication of why it got the error and which email caused the error?

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

There was an error with SSL.