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Send Mail via SMTP Hang/Crash/Spinning Beach Ball

Question asked by Jason Wood on Sep 30, 2009
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Send Mail via SMTP Hang/Crash/Spinning Beach Ball

Description of the issue

Using FMP 10.0v3.I am primarily using 10.5.8 (leopard), and tested once on a 10.6.1 Snow Leopard machine to confirm the problem was there too. I usually get the Spinning Beach Ball (crash / hang) when I try to use the Send Mail via SMTP feature. If I run a simple test script, with only that script step, immediately after opening the file, it works, and will work repeatedly. But as part of a larger script, or at ANY point AFTER a larger script has run, it crashes (usually). Narrowing down the problem is proving highly elusive! The problem does not seem to begin after any particular type of script step has run. I spent all night trying to track this down. Sometimes it just starts working, no matter what I do (until reopening FMP and then running a complex script), making the troubleshooting difficult! I have everything hard-coded into the SMTP script step... so there's no reason it should perform differently in different circumstances. I tried deleting the script and starting fresh. In another thread, a user has reported the same problem but identified different circumstances (I believe that user saw the problem only on snow leopard), but the symptom is identical. It is probably the same problem... it's just that the circumstances are so difficult to pinpoint.  Before I go to the effort of trying to reproduce this in a new file (I am getting REALLY sick of trying to figure this out!), can someone tell me if FM is already onto this problem?