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Send Mail via SMTP Server Password Calculation Dialog

Question asked by JimGill on Jan 5, 2015
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Send Mail via SMTP Server Password Calculation Dialog


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7 Pro

Description of the issue

I have many scripts with Send Mail script step via SMTP Server and until recently I have inputted the credentials for my SMTP Server in each dialog.  I wanted to make it easier on myself when I had to update passwords or account info so I put all this info in a table.

I created a Table called SMTP, with one record and four fields:  smtp, password, account, zConstant1.  The field smtp= my mail server address, password= my account password, account= my server account and zConstant1 = global field with the number 1 to create relationships between various tables. 

When updating the script steps Send Mail with the new SMTP settings,  I change the password from "textpassword" to SMTP::password via the calculation dialog box and press OK.  The password does not update.  This only occurs with this setting - all others update as expected.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Create a script with the Send Mail via SMTP Server
2. Input the settings as text.
3. Check the script and settings
4. Create a table called SMTP with four fields as described above.
5. Populate the fields with your smtp credentials and relate the table in order to function with your script.  
6. Update the Send Mail via SMTP Server with the appropiate table::feildname from the SMTP table you just created.

Expected result

Pressing OK in the calculation dialog box would update the field with the updated table::feild

Actual result

Does not update.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



Copy (ctrl C) the "smtp::password" field name and paste (ctrl V) it into the Password Field from the SMTP Options box.  Press OK.  Do not press the Specify Button or enter the calculation dialog box - changes will not be saved.