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Sending a .pdf created with "Save Records as PDF" using iOS 8.3 Locks up email screen

Question asked by snschul on Apr 24, 2015
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Sending a .pdf created with "Save Records as PDF" using iOS 8.3 Locks up email screen


FileMaker Go


go_iPad 13.0.8

Operating system version

iOS 8.3

Description of the issue

A Script created in FM Pro 12 uses "Save Records as PDF" to create a .pdf report.  On the iPad you can send it to Mail, Copy, Print, Open in QuickOffice, Open in CloudOn, Open in iPrint&Scan, open in Dropbox, etc.   All of them seem to work.  But when you send to "Mail", you cannot close the Mail dialog box.  It will send as many times as you want it to, but it doesn't close itself like it used to (I think under iOS 8.2)  Tapping "Cancel" allows selection of "Save Draft", or "Delete Draft", but the dialog will only go away by completely shutting down FM Go, and restarting it.   Other apps do not have that problem.    In fact, another Script that also uses "Save Records as PDF" , but is followed by "Send Mail" works fine.

Steps to reproduce the problem

In filemaker Pro 12 create a new DB with 2 fields and 3 records. Populate with junk data.   Make a new script.  it has one line: Save record as PDF[Restore; No Dialog; "WillitEmail.pdf"; Automatically open; Records being Browsed].   (Run with full privileges checked).  In layout mode, add a button to run the script, and arrange the layout in List view to have something to print.   In MS outlook, attach the .fmp12 to an email to be received by the iPad.  On the iPad, open the email, and open the attachment to open in FM Go.    Run the script.  Tap on the resulting preview to get a iOS header with an icon of a square with an arrow out the top.  Tap the icon. Tap Mail.  Select "To:" and add an address.  Hit send.  Hit cancel.  Again, Again.......

Expected result

After tapping send, the dialog box should close.  You should once again see the .pdf preview.   You could Print it or send it elsewhere, or click "Done" and return to FM.

Actual result

You cannot continue with FM Go.  You must double click the home button and swipe the FM Go app up to close it.   Then you can restart FM and continue.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

FM Pro Advanced 12.0 v4   is on Windows-7 SP-1


Use "Send Mail", and load addresses, subject etc. in via FM data.