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    Server / Windows OS version question for TSGal



      Server / Windows OS version question for TSGal


      FileMaker Server


      FM Server13

      Operating system version

      Windows 7 Enterprise

      Description of the issue

      My company will be moving some data bases (currently 12v.1 and Server to another server machine, as the current one has "aged" out.
      I am thinking about pushing them to upgrade everything to FM 13 for this move, including my and one other administer's client FMP to 13 for test driving the new server.

      PhilModJ over in the FMP forum, in another discussion, mentioned something about a Windows Server version which has had numerous problems running FM Server 13, if I've stated that correctly. He recommended to the other poster to query you (on this forum) about this issue. I don't know what the server software will be on the new server (all user machines in the company run Windows 7 Enterprise), but before I push for FM13, I'd like to know what Phil is referring to, or get any advice or cautionary tales you might share.