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Server 11 Scripts Don't Know When To Quit

Question asked by hschlossberg on Apr 26, 2010
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Server 11 Scripts Don't Know When To Quit

Description of the issue

I have a server-side script set to run once per day and set with a one hour "time limit" and to "abort schedule if time limit reached". There was an error of some kind (still trying to debug that) and the log shows that the schedule was aborted an hour after starting. - The log also shows a script error after the schedule supposedly aborted.  - The script was correctly displayed as aborted on the Schedule screen.- The "script client" remained connected to the databases.- A client, presumably the script client, continues to lock a record; the error message says: "? (?) is modifying this record", with the question marks.- The script client cannot be force disconnected from the admin console; It remains there even after restarting the adminserver;  It remains there until the data server is restarted. Expected behavior:1) an abort is an abort -- should be schedule, client, records, etc.2) Client should be displayed as the server name3) Should be possible to force disconnect a client, even if they are in a record and the sky will come crashing down if forced out.4) Error log should show the step number upon which the there was an error (currently just shows the script name, step name and error number, but what if there is more than one commit record step or more than one Go To Layout step?!?)