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SERVER 13 BUG: FileMaker Server 13 won't stop

Question asked by scottworld on Aug 9, 2014
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SERVER 13 BUG: FileMaker Server 13 won't stop


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

OS X 10.9.4

Description of the issue

FileMaker Server 13 is probably the buggiest piece of server software that we have ever used from FileMaker Inc. On top of all the other still-unresolved issues that we have reported over the last several months, here is the latest reproducible problem:

We are TRYING to stop FileMaker Server on the "Status" screen using the On/Off slider button. We choose "off", we tell it to shut down in 0 minutes (or 1 minute or 2 minutes), and then FileMaker Server proceeds to do… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

The on/off slider button "grays out" like it is in the process of shutting down, but you can wait forever and nothing happens. All the fmserver processes are still running in Activity Monitor. They never quit. FileMaker Server never stops its processes.

The green checkmark still appears on the "status" screen, but the On/Off slider button is dimmed. If you log out of the interface and log back in again, the green checkmark is still there, and now the On/Off slider button is back in the "On" position again.

Very annoying! No way to stop FileMaker Server!!

Can you please fix ASAP?

Until this is fixed, we have no reliable way to stop our FileMaker Server from running!

Thank you.