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Server Admin Console Issues

Question asked by hschlossberg on Aug 10, 2010
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Server Admin Console Issues


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Windows 2003

Description of the issue

1) View Clients list, sort by Connect Time; values are text-sorted instead of date/time sorted.

2) View Client Statistics, sorted by Client name; rollover a name and tooltip pops up with username, machine name and IP address for the wrong client.

3) Server-side script (with no time limit set) stuck in a loop because of a locked record.  The script is the only client logged into a particular file.  Try disconnecting client via console or command line and it never goes away.  Close file via console and it says "closed" but still shows it has one user.  Close file again via command line and it says it is already closed.  Try moving file off server and OS says an application is using the file.  Try re-opening the file via console or command line, and it says it can't be done because another application is using the file.

4) Logged in to the Admin console remotely, the Database list does not refresh either automatically or when clicking the refresh button.  Must go to another tab and then back to Databases list for it to show refreshed status, for example.

5) Logged in to the Admin console remotely, Clients tab doesn't always refresh automatically and this screen is completely missing a refresh button.

6) (more of an extremely obvious feature request, I suppose): Server-side scripts produce "scripting errors" in the Server Events log when it hits common things like "Go to Record [Next; exit after last]" and it is already on the last record.  Sorry, but that is not an error.  I now always script around it by adding an Exit Loop If [] step before going to the next record, but that really shouldn't be needed.  Regardless of whether you think that's right or not, script errors and process logging should really appear either in a separate server log, or else with a filterable "type" other than warning, information or error.

7) (another extremely obvious feature request): Server-side plugin installation is difficult to buggy.  There needs to be a configuration/registration dialog, and it should be capable of enabling without first restarting the server.  And if it is enabled, then the 'enabled' checkbox should be properly checked so we don't always have to be guessing until we have the chance to restart.

8) (another extremely obvious feature request): A way to edit an existing script schedule without having to go step-by-step through the wizard.

Expected result

Any client -- including server-script clients -- should be instantly disconnected it that's what we tell it to do.

Screens should refresh properly without constantly having to switch screens and/or restart the adminserver.