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Server Log Viewer - Start Date

Question asked by hschlossberg on Jul 14, 2011
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Server Log Viewer - Start Date


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Win 2008 R2 Standard

Description of the issue

As part of a long thread that covered multiple issues in October, 2010 , I'd mentioned that the furthest back it will let me go for a start date on the server Log Viewer is 9/20/10.  I don't think there was a confirmation of my issue at that time.

Now I am on a different server and it won't let me go any earlier than 6/29/2011.  Not very long ago.  Seems random.  Yet reproducible on multiple servers.

Whatever date that I select from the calendar just reverts to 6/29/2011 in the field (and of course the field does not allow manual editing).