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Server looses ODBC connection to SQL database locking client in error condition

Question asked by roadstar on Aug 6, 2012
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Server looses ODBC connection to SQL database locking client in error condition


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Windows 7 Professional

Description of the issue

User is working in a layout for a SQL table (modifying fields)and  will get an error message that the ODBC connection has been lost and cannot be re-established. Anything the user does (clicks on) in the layout, including trying to close it, causes the error message to pop up.  User must use Windoes task manager to force quit from Filemaker.  User can switch to other databases they may have open but switching back still pops the error dialog.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1) MS SQL Server 2008 running on Windows Server 2008 Std.
2) Filemaker Server 12 Advanced running on Windows 7 Professional
3) Full time VPN connection between SQL network (offsite hosting) and Filemaker network(3 T1's out).
4) Filemaker Pro on Client running Windows 7 Professional. (100 base connection to Filemaker Server.
5) User has full Read/Write privileges to all open databases/tables.

Expected result

Filemaker automatically re-establishes the connection to the relavent sql table.

Actual result

Filemaker is effectively 'locked up'.  User can't even close the database.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

ODBC communication/link error. Please check your network connection and/or database server.

Configuration information

see 'Steps to Reproduce' above.