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Server Scheduled Backups are "hanging" client side scripts

Question asked by philmodjunk on Jun 8, 2011
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Server Scheduled Backups are "hanging" client side scripts


FileMaker Server


10 and FileMaker Pro 10v3

Operating system version

Windows Server 2008, SP2, 64 bit, Windows XP sp3

Description of the issue

There's a script that our data entry folks perform thousands of times a day by clicking a button. This script creates some new records for auditing purposes and then flags an invoice record as ready for our cashiers to print.

On occasion, the screen turns white, an hour glass is displayed and the script never halts. Task Manager reveals that the CPU is running at 90+%. THe appears to have been paused, (a layout change with no screen refresh likely causes the blank screen look), but the script is not able to resume.

This happens when the data-entry clerk happens to click on the button at the same instance that a scheduled back up is starting up on the server. When we reschedule the back up to take place on the half hour, the problem reappears on the half hour--which is why we know that the backup is a factor here.

The scheduled backup does not verify and originally took place on the hour every hour during normal business hours. We've since recheduled to every two hours on the half hour to reduce the odds that this will happen, but it still happens. It's as though Server never reports back to the client that the back up is complete so that the interrupted script can resume.


Force Quite FileMaker on the client machine and re-open the database.