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Server side loop crashes FMS 10

Question asked by dhrowe on Aug 20, 2009
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Server side loop crashes FMS 10

Description of the issue

I created a server side script to update a field with related data so that it can be indexed.  The field works fine from 10 client but crashed the server. Brand new FMPA 10.3 file  ( but it does look at data in a 'foreign' table.  but the TO is in the graph.No on open or close scripts subscript that   goto layoutshow all recordsgoto first recordloop  IF [ related data  local field ]    set field;   commit end ifgoto next record - exit after last end loop  Get the error: Schedule "Update Ticklers" scripting error (101) at "zServerRobot : Test Server mod Tickler : Go to Record/Request/Page". twice then the server rolled.