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Server Update 13v5 can not be installed

Question asked by evbrown on Nov 24, 2014
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Server Update 13v5 can not be installed


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Needed this update to get FMS to work with Yosemite, but it will not install.  First method, as instructed, I did a complete uninstall of my previous version.  Download the server installer (not the updater).  Everything with well, but then it indicated it needed to update Java (had 8.25) installed.  It installed it's compatible version successfully.  It then went back to the FMS installer to tell me that I must install a Java version greater than 7. That loop continues on and on.  The only way out is to cancel the installer.  Next, method was to install v13.2 and apply the updaters. Version 13.2 install okay.  Version 13.3 said that the server was running (it was not).  Tried updater 13.4 and got the Java is incompatible message and the loop start again.

What a mess.