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Set field issue when using table mode

Question asked by bearhart74_1 on Jul 29, 2009
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Set field issue when using table mode

Description of the issue

Scenario...table a has text field 1, text field 2, text field 3layout 1 is based on table alayout 1 has edit boxes for field 1 & field 2 in layout mode.set layout 1 view type to table only (list and form not checked)go to browse modemodify table to add field 3 to view run the following script ... go to layout 1show all recordsgo to first recordloopif field 1 = whateverset field 2 = "text a"set field 3 = "text b"end ifgo to next record exit at lastend loopexit script field 3, even though it is visible in browse mode on layout 1, does not consistently set to "text b".