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Set Script Trigger Won't Bring Up Menu

Question asked by keenatomko on Aug 21, 2015
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Set Script Trigger Won't Bring Up Menu


FileMaker Pro


Filemaker Pro Advanced 14.0.2

Operating system version

Windows 8.1

Description of the issue

Whether I right click on a field with a script trigger or try to access it with the Format pull down menu, the script trigger pop-up menu won't appear.  Clicking anywhere else causes an error ding, so FM believes that menu is open somewhere and won't let me do anything else, but it's nowhere on any screen.  My only option is to hit escape and then use my little mac to access the popup.

This happens intermittently whether I'm using the external monitor or not and whether I've minimized or maximized screens.


Restarting FM doesn't help.  Rebooting doesn't help.  Cascading Windows doesn't help.  Alt Tab doesn't reveal the missing popup.  Doing the update to 14.0.2 didn't help. Changing displays back and forth from the external monitor doesn't shake it loose. Creating a new field instead of trying to access it on the old one doesn't help.

I've scoured the internet and this forum and haven't found anyone else with this problem.  At this point, my only work around is to switch to my Mac until the script trigger wants to work again on the PC.