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setRelatedSetsFilters('layout', 'all');

Question asked by ArendJanKornet on Apr 24, 2012


setRelatedSetsFilters('layout', 'all');


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

OS X Server 10.6.8

Description of the issue

After conversion to FM Server Advanced 12 the php function setRelatedSetsFilters('layout', 'all') does not work any more. Before that (FM Server Advanced 11) the website was displaying all related records, because the portal on the layout has a scroll bar.

Now the website is displaying only the number of records defined in the portal on the lay out.

Expected result

Al the related records.

Actual result

Only de number of related records defined in the portal on the layout


In stead of using the parameter all I use temporary a high number let say 999.