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SetzeVars ≠ SetzeVar: Copying fm12 <-> 13 breaks code with Let function (German)

Question asked by disabled_mrw-old-account-do-not-use on Dec 17, 2013
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SetzeVars ≠ SetzeVar: Copying fm12 <-> 13 breaks code with Let function (German)


FileMaker Pro


12 and 13 (German)

Operating system version

Mac & Win (German)

Description of the issue

Copying and filemaker code (scripts, script steps, functions, tables, fields, layout objects, etc) between fm12 and fm13 causes ALL calculations that contain a Let function to break and be commented out.

Finding these breaks can be nearly impossible, particularly when a lot of code is copied and particularly in custom functions and  layout objects as no import.log is written.

The reason is that the Let command was (senselessly) renamed in fm13

in FM12: "SetzeVars"
in FM13: "SetzeVar"

Steps to reproduce the problem

1) Set OS language to english (Windows: set FileMaker language...)
2) restart filemaker 12
3) create a database
4) and add any objects that use the Let( function ), e.g.a script step: Show Custom Dialog with message:


$date = Get( CurrentDate )+1 ;

"Tommorow is " & $date


5) close filemaker
6) Set OS language to german (Windows: set FileMaker language…)
7) open the file again in Filemaker12, and check the calculation


8) copy the script
9) open filemaker 13
10) create a new database
11) insert the script
12) check the calculation:

/* Setzevars(

13) run the script

Expected result

I expect to see exactly the same in fm13 as in fm12.
I expect to see tomorrows date, when the pasted script is run.
I expect to be able to copy (common) code between fm12 and fm13 without it UNNECESSARILY breaking.
I expect copying code between fm12 and fm13 (and back) to not create bugs or cause days of bug-searching.
I expect to be able to have confidence in the code I create via copy and paste.

Actual result

The calculation is commented out.
Nothing is shown in the dialog.
The code breaks UNNECESSARILY.
When transferring code between fm12 and fm13 I am forced to spend hours looking for (sometimes well hidden, for example Script trigger script parameter calculations) broken calculations.
I cannot tell if my code is broken, I have little confidence in the code (because I did not write the code myself I do not know where Let is used.).

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error message, just:


+in some cases an entry is written in the import.log file

Configuration information




Working with english GUI is NOT an option, because:

1) Our customers system language is invariably set to german
2) Our customers are not willing to pay our developers to learn a foreign language, or wait that long.

SOLUTION = FileMaker 13.0v2 must change the Function name BACK to SetzeVars in the German version!

PLEEEEEASE! - Thank you

MrWatson of Günther Business Solutions GmbH (FSA)