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Several WebSites

Question asked by gldiaz on Jan 1, 2011
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Several WebSites


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

Still Learning FMK Adv 11.
When using the FMK Contact Mgt. Starter DB, a tab for WEBsite is included. My question is : Is there a preferred method to  use if the CONTACT PERSON has more than 1 related website.
Which would be the easiest to do.
? Create multiple buttons without using the WEB TAB or
? some form of a drop down list or
? can someone suggest other method be suggested to get the option of selecting 1 of many websites?

Steps to reproduce the problem

Presently, I select the "WEB" tab.
The website then pops up.

Expected result

I would like to get an OPTION on selecting 1 of many Websites for the said Contact Person.

I wish to bring up the Contact Person info.
Then. If needed select the "Web Tab"
(Here's where the Contact Person may have several related Web Sites they are involved with" i.e. Story Writer.

Ex. I hope to have the option of selecting one of (3) Website sites in smaller windows or by button type selections.
I would then select the most needed one of the three and have it expand to my full window. And of course then "Close" when done with that window, back to the other (3) original windows before closing to the Web Tab.
Is this possible?
Can the steps to do so be included in the answer, or where to look in the knowledge base.