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    sharing/hosting issue



      sharing/hosting issue


      FileMaker Pro


      12 (trial)

      Operating system version

      windows 8

      Description of the issue

      Help! I'm I file maker 9 user/developer but only develop for my own use. I have had 4 new machines installed at my office and I thought I'd get the new version of FM installed so my I.T guys installed FM 12 trial versions on the new machines, I'm developing a new solution at the moment so don't need the full versions everywhere just yet.
      we are peer to peer and whilst I open the solution on one pc, therefore I am hosting, I cant see it to open it using "open remote" I can see the PC (ip address) but not the FM database. if I try to just open it in the normal way its says this file is in use; because its open on the host. I have bonjour and both the file and FM 12 trials are all setup for sharing.

      any ideas anyone, I'm lost!

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               Report An Issue is intended for Reporting Possible Software bugs. Questions on how to work with FileMaker Pro should be posted in the FM Pro Forum Section. (See tab at top of this screen.)

               Two things need to be set correctly in FileMaker. Did you set them?

               Sharing must be enabled for the FileMaker Application that is being used to host the file.

               Sharing must be enabled for the FileMaker File that you are trying to Host.

               Both options are set from the same dialog. To enable sharing for the file select it in the open files list and then select the "all users" radio button.