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    Show All Records malfunctioning



      Show All Records malfunctioning


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      OS 10.0.3

      Description of the issue

      1.One of my layouts (the one one I use for entry of all data) exported as spreadsheet to GO.  The problem only occurs in one file.

      2. Show All Records button and pull down does not work in any layout in that file. Other files not affected.

      3. In entry record, only one record shows at a time in any FIND set. You can go to another record in window or with slide. In Preview, it returns one page of records. On opening it can access all records, but shows only one.

      Creating a copy of layout doesn't clear problem, nor does copying and changing and saving copy.

      4. In other layouts, multiple records do show.

      Don't know if this is related, but it happened at same time.

      5. Entry layout exported to GO lost formating and turned into a spreadsheet. Other layouts not affected

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Open the file to main entry layout.

      Expected result

      Full functionality of tools.
      Scrollable display of all records.

      Actual result

      SHOW ALL is grayed on toolbar and pull down in all layouts.
      Only one record shows in one layout, others show all.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      No error message.


      none. Other than to not use that form, which is a serious issue in many case of searching records.

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               Hi Leonard,

               Possibly, it is just the view defined as 'Form' instead of 'List'.

               In Browse Mode and Find Mode, the Form view is meaning that you want to see only on record at a time. If you want to see more, you just need to switch to List or Tab view.

               By default, each layout is restoring the last view you choose for it.

               See screenshot.

               Let us know if it doesn't fix.

               Bye, Fred

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                 I went to an old backup (a transfer on a usb drive) and updated the half a dozen records and trashed the other. So I don't know if that fixed it. I'll keep it in mind.

                 Do you have any clue as to why that form went to GO as a spreadsheet? 


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              Do you have any clue as to why that form went to GO as a spreadsheet?

                   Hi Leonard,

                   As you have red, my english is approximative and i am not shure to understand as well your question. But that i can say is :

                   • Changing current view on a layout is a common action that can be done easily and at any time by a simple clic (as displayed on my last screenshot).
                   • There is no direct relation between changing view and the "Save as Excel" command.
                   • You can also prohibit the use of certain views on your layout's properties.

                   Bye, Fred