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Show Custom Dialog Renders Filemaker briefly "deaf" to keyboard input

Question asked by philmodjunk on Feb 12, 2010
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Show Custom Dialog Renders Filemaker briefly "deaf" to keyboard input

Description of the issue

Operating System: Windows XP SP3Filemaker 10.03 and Filemaker Adv 10.03 When using a device in keyboard emulation mode to input text into filemaker, the Show Custom Dialog script step will render Filemaker deaf for a few fractions of a second and several of the first scanned characters may fail to be input into Filemaker. Here's what I did:Programmed A magnetic strip reader with a 3 key combination to trigger a script attached to the OnLayoutKeyStroke event. A "footer" programmed on the end of the last track, supplied the enter keystroke to dismiss the dialog and continue the script. If [Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) = "~"  and Get ( TriggerModifierKeys ) = 3 /* Modifier 3 means shift and capslock are down */]   Show Custom Dialog [   ] Specified an input field linked to a global text field   # A series of set field steps then parses the data from the global field into respective data fields here   Go To Field [//place cursor in a field where user expects it to be]   Exit Script [false]End If We were scanning California Drivers licenses which start with "CACITYNAME...". Part of the time, the first 1 to 5 characters where missing from the text field. If I swiped the same card with the cursor in a Word Pad window or in a simple Filemaker Text field, the same card scanned perfectly. To work around this problem, I removed the Show Custom Dialog step and used go to field or go to object to place the cursor in a text field on the current layout. The same DR. License cards swiped consistently and correctly with this approach. Have fun trying to replicate this since it requires special hardware, but there it is...