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Show Custom Dialog run-time showed only 2.5 lines

Question asked by Ward on Jul 24, 2009


Show Custom Dialog run-time showed only 2.5 lines

Description of the issue

In FileMaker 9, Show Custom Dialog showed up to 4 lines of text.  I see that FileMaker 10's Show Custom Dialog defaults to the same 4 lines and the same modest width.  But the dialog window can now be resized, with the minimum size being the classic 4 lines, modest width. I discovered the new Show Custom Dialog sizing due to a transient FileMaker run-time bug.  While testing my first FileMaker 10 run-time solution for Mac OS X, I found that Show Custom Dialog showed only 2.5 lines of text, that is, 2 complete lines + the top half of line 3. I created a test database consisting of just a script which uses Show Custom Dialog to show 4 lines of text.  When the run-time version of this database worked fine, showing all 4 lines, I returned to my actual run-time solution. At that point, I first noticed that the dialog window could be resized.  I expanded the problem dialog window to show 4 lines and closed the dialog.  Further experimenting showed that once a dialog window has been resized, future dialogs (from any Show Custom Dialog steps) retain the custom window size and screen position. On repeated invocations of my run-time solution, I have not been able to reproduce the problem with the 2.5-line dialog window. -- Ward