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Simple  Popup window to select Find criteria

Question asked by JoelCornette on Jan 11, 2011
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Simple  Popup window to select Find criteria


FileMaker Pro



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Mac os x 10.6

Description of the issue

Looking for simple way to have a popup window to "jump" up over current window and prompt for Find where the user can select criteria from a previously defined Drop box list.  I can  perform the process manually with another layout that I switch to, perform a Find, then go back to the previous layout.  Like to see if I can do this in a popup window.

I have attempted to create a script with New Window for the popup that has a Go to Layout with a blank Drop box list on, and enter Find mode .. however, when executed it does not work for the Window in the background -- only works for the front window the popup.  Using Select Window in the script just moves the window contents to the popup. 

Basically, have a set of records with a field values "Lions, Tigers and Bears" and like to do a popup that help find only records with say, "Lions" ... where Lions is selected via a List from the popup. 

Thanks ...