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    Since Go 12.0.5, Enormous PDF size



      Since Go 12.0.5, Enormous PDF size


      FileMaker Go



      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      When I print as PDF a list of pictures, above a number of pictures (around 30) the size of the PDF jumps from 6 MB to 40 MB and more.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      1. Create a new database, with one table and one container field (for a picture).
      2. Create a layout, list form.
      3. Add the container field in the body.
      4. Adjust the size of the body to print 3 records (pictures) per page (8.5 x 11) .
      5. Take at least 35 pictures with the iPad.
      6. Save as PDF the records being browsed (should be more than 10 pages).

      Expected result

      PDF size: about 2 MB

      Actual result

      PDF size: more than 40 MB


      Under Windows :
      19 pictures(8 pages)  : 1 MB
      29 pictures(11 pages) : 2 MB

      Under iOS6, GO 12.0.5 :
      19 pictures : 6 MB
      29 pictures : 40 MB

      With no pictures, the file stay small.

      I had not this issue under GO 12.0.4
      I have found the same kind of PDF, generated previously under GO 12.0.4 : 13 pages and "only" 4 MB !

      If I open the huge file under Adobe, and do Document/Reduce file size : 2 MB.

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               Thank you for your post.

               I am able to replicate the problem.  Wondering if this was a FileMaker Go or iOS 6 issue, I tried this under iOS 5.1.1 on an iPad 1, and I also received the same results.  The file under 12.0v4 was approximately 880 KB, while under 12.0v6 (Latest release) is 10MB.

               I have forwarded your post along with my findings to our Development and Testing departments for review.  I will keep you posted as information becomes available to me.

               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 Great, thanks.

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                   Good News!

                   With iOS 6, there is now an extremly useful feature: when you use the Camera to add a picture on a Container, you can choose the resolution (Small, Medium, Large or Full).

                   20 pictures in Full : PDF of 20MB
                   20 pictures in Medium (the Small resolution is really too low) : PDF of 0.8 MB

                   That's a perfect temporary fix.
                   And there is something even better: the size of the database will be reduced a lot.