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Single Data Field Suddenly Overlayed with Data from Another Record

Question asked by grshaffer on May 14, 2010
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Single Data Field Suddenly Overlayed with Data from Another Record

Description of the issue

I have a very simple fax/estimate file that has been working well for many years and last week some 7 records all had one field's data replaced with the same data from sources unknown but also present in another record.  It was if someone had used the 'replace' command with a small set of records and inadvertantly overwritten some data in one field.  I attributed the event to 'fat fingers' and restored the data successfully without incident after carefully inspecting the database for 'other' anomalies, however, this week all but 16 records appear to have that same data in the same field and the Modification Date/Time is almost a month prior to when I examined the data last week.  I can't see how my client could have done any global data changes and forced the Mod date to be anything but the date of the change and that would had to have been AFTER I looked at the data last week.  This almost sounds like some sort of data corruption.  My client uses this database across the network from a few other workstations, however, that use is casual.  In fact, he's only made 2 estimates since I restored the data last week, and those 2 records do not contain the data that was copied nor have they been affected by this incident.  His workstation is the primary user and host, and he is running the latest version of Leopard on a dual core 2.26 mhz Intel Mac Mini with FileMaker Pro V9 and I have FileMaker set up to check for updates every week.  This particular DB is a flat file, 1 external relation that connects actual assignments to their estimates, a self relation for lookups, no global data import or update scripts or any way that I can think of for my client to replace the data in all of a selected set of records (other data fields were not modified) without recording the true date the record was modified.  :smileyindifferent: I am befuddled... any thoughts ?