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Slider unresponsive to swipe gestures

Question asked by philmodjunk on Aug 14, 2014
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Slider unresponsive to swipe gestures


FileMaker Go


FM GO 13.0.4

Operating system version

iOS 7.1.2

Description of the issue

If you place a portal with a scroll bar in the middle of a slider, that is in turn located in a popover, the area occupied by the portal rows (but not the scroll bar) will be unresponsive to horizontal swipe gestures you use to change slider panels.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Open this demo file on an iOS device:

There are two copies of the same field with a transparent popover button placed on top of each field. Tap the upper field to open the popover. There's a slider placed inside the popover with a portal placed on the middle panel of the slider. Swipe to the right and to the left and observe how the panels of the slider move as expected.

Now close the upper popover and open the lower popover by tapping the lower field. Place your finger on a portal row, without touching the scroll bar and try to slide the slider panel with a horizontal swipe gesture. Try again by putting the tip of your finger on top of the portal scroll bar or outside of the portal boundaries and note how you can now slide the slider panels.

This creates a "dead zone" in the middle of the slider that is unresponsive to gestures intended to slide the slider panels. It would appear that the interface design that makes a scroll bar equipped portal respond to vertical swipe gestures to scroll the portal, prevents the slider from responding to horizontal swipe gestures. Yet this only appears to happen if this is all inside a popover.

Switch to the Main Copy layout where the sliders have been placed directly on the layout and the slider slides normally both with and without a portal scroll bar.

Configuration information

The design of each combination of popover, slider and portal is exactly the same except that portal set up was used to enable the scroll bar for the portal inside the lower popover.

I have also tested keeping the portal and slider inside the popover but removing the script triggers set on the popover panel and slider. This produced no change, a portal with a scroll bar still had a "dead zone".


There aren't any really decent work arounds that I've been able to discover.

You can remove the scroll bar, but that limits the records shown in the portal to the number of rows visible in the portal.

You might be able to cover the portal with some kind of shielding object, but that would isolate the portal rows from editing or from tapping a button in the portal row.