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Sliding not working as expected for repeating field values (beyond first repetition)

Question asked by user7019 on Jun 1, 2012
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Sliding not working as expected for repeating field values (beyond first repetition)


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS 10.7.3, Windows 7

Description of the issue

When attempting to use the "Sliding up based on" options for repeating field values, TextArray[2], ImageArray[2], etc., the fields don't slide.  This occurs when either "All objects above" or "Only objects directly above" is toggled.  If "Also resize enclosing part" is checked, the contents are cut off (visually, it looks like where the objects *would have* slid up to).

I've created a sample file which demonstrates the issue and the workaround here:

Steps to reproduce the problem

1) Create a new table.

2) Create a repeating text or container field (I did not test this with other data types).

3) Place fields on the layout and enter contents into several of the repetitions for each.

4) Create a new layout and place the text and container fields, showing different repetitions (one at a time) and turn on "sliding" options.

5) View in Preview or Print to see error.

See screenshot/sample file.

Expected result

I expect sliding to operate like it did in previous versions of FileMaker (which did work for this exact set of conditions).  I also expect it to work like it does for non-repeating fields.

Actual result

Fields don't slide.  Depending on "Also reside enclosing part" option, content is cut off or not cut off (as the enclosing part seems to reduce in size according to what *would* have been the space required if the sliding had worked properly).


Work around is to create single-repetition fields to extract the repetitions into their own fields:

ImageArray2 = GetRepeation ( ImageArray ; 2 )
ImageArray3 = GetRepeation ( ImageArray ; 3 )
ImageArray4 = GetRepeation ( ImageArray ; 4 )

TextArray2 = GetRepeation ( TextArray ; 2 )
TextArray3 = GetRepeation ( TextArray ; 3 )
TextArray4 = GetRepeation ( TextArray ; 4 )

This is not needed for the first repetition, because that appears to work properly.