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    Sliding Printing issue with FMP11



      Sliding Printing issue with FMP11

      Description of the issue

       FileMaker Product : FMP11Operating System : Mac Leopard 10.5.8After opening a file created in FMP10 I had to change some related fields in a layout from non printing to printing. Once changed to printing via the inspector they were still not previewing or printingExpected Result : previewed and printable fieldsActual Result : none of the fields changed were able to be previewed or printed. Any workarounds that you have found, none so far but need to know soon .

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          Thank you for your post.


          Unfortunately, I am unable to replicate the problem.


          On my iMac running Mac OS X 10.5.8,I created a database file in FileMaker Pro 10.0v3 and named it Test10.fp7.  I created a couple of tables and linked them via a field named ID.  I placed several fields on the different Layouts, including buttons, portals, circles, etc.


          I quit FileMaker Pro 10 and launched FileMaker Pro 11.  I opened Test10.fp7, went into Layout Mode, and changed random fields, buttons, fields in portals, etc. to "Hide when printing".  When I preview, all objects I designated to hide are hidden.  I went back into Layout, selected a different set, and they also change when previewed.  I also printed a few records from different Layouts, and the correct fields/objects/etc. are hidden.


          Try running Recover on the file.  Use the Recovered file and reset the "Hide when printing" options and try again.


          Please keep me posted with any progress.



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            Thank you so much, I worked out my error. There were 2 portals sitting behind the fields from a previous layout copy and paste, once i set that to print it worked. Sorry if I wasted your time.

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              Now I know why you gave me the clown avatar. :?