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Sliding up body part cuts off text and overlaps footer.

Question asked by d4creative on Aug 27, 2013
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Sliding up body part cuts off text and overlaps footer.


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

iOS 6.1.3  iPad 2

Description of the issue

I have a layout for generating a PDF report.
It uses LIST mode with:
leading grand summary (as a Cover page and T.O.C.)
trailing grand summary (as an index page)
and footer.

The leading grand summary is two pages long and is set to have a page break after it. Each body part (each record in the list) can be up to two pages long but is set to shrink as it can be as little as a few lines of text also.  The resulting document may be up to 36 or so pages long (it varies with optional records being inserted or left out of each report generated).

After the first page of body content the body content begins to run the full length of the page and overprints on the footer. The section of text which overlaps the footer is then repeated at the top of the next page.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a large/long layout with leading grand summary and body parts. Make the body section have a long text field which can shrink upwards and fill with text records.

Print as a PDF on Filemaker Go 12 and see the content overlapping badly.

A have tried this both with and without Title Header and Title footer also. It makes no difference.

Expected result

I expect that the body part should stay within the body part!

Actual result

Body part content overlapps into the footer area.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error message.

Configuration information

I have checked all kinds of font zoom settings etc and all are set to normal/default.


None so far. I have wasted days of work trying to solve this in various ways. Not happy. >(