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Sliding/printing in Body with Summary part

Question asked by rtrigg_1 on Jun 12, 2009
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Sliding/printing in Body with Summary part

Description of the issue

I'm in FM 10 on Mac OSX 10.4.11.  I had this sliding printing problem in FM9 and was hoping it would go away in FM10, but it's still here.  I have a simple layout with two parts, a small sub-summary part with room for one field, and a big body part.  I place the ID field of the table in the summary part and the Notes field in the body part.  I stretch the Notes field to be tall enough to fill the entire body part, I turn on sliding/printing for it, and I check "Also reduce the size of the enclosing part".  When I sort by ID and switch to Preview mode, I see that the page size has effectively shrunk vertically in inverse proportion to the size of my stretched field.  The taller I make it, the fewer records appear per page.  With the body part (and its field) the size of a full page, I only get one record per page.   The content of the Notes field seems to be irrelevant - in fact you can put the ID field itself in both summary and body parts and get the same results.  What is important is that the field you summarize on changes value fairly frequently through your found set. (Needless to say, the problem goes away if you delete the summary part.) Am I missing a logic behind this seemingly buggy behavior?  Better yet, is there a workaround? Thanks!    - Randy