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    Sliding/Printing menu item missing



      Sliding/Printing menu item missing


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      MacOS 10.7.2

      Description of the issue

      In Layout mode, Under the Format menu, there is no menu item for Sliding/Printing.

      The help file claims it should still be there.

      It may now be in the non-obvious "inspector" pane, but the help file does not say that. The help file doesn't actually have any help about the "inspector" other than to point you to the menu item (under view, so you're going to have a hard time stumbling on it when you know what you need is under format, and the help says it's there.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Go to layout mode, select a field, look in Format menu.

      Expected result

      A menu option for Sliding/Printing.

      Actual result

      no menu option for Sliding/Printing.


      Possibly this function has been moved to (warning - breaks user interface for experienced users) the "inspector" which seems to be something that comes up when clicking on small "magnifying glass" icon of no particular significance. If so, perhaps the help file should mention that. Better yet, leave the old functionality in - I don't use FileMaker because I love learning new user interface crud every new version, when there was perfectly good old user interface that I already know. I use it to make databases work, and I don't appreciate having to puzzle out what the new kids thought would be Kewl to do it when I'm trying to get work done.

      Virtually everything else in "inspector" is also still in the menus. Regardless, the help file still directs one to the Sliding/Printing menu item - and it's not there.


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          Possibly this function has been moved to the "inspector"

          With the release of FileMaker 11, it was indeed moved to the bottom of the Inspector's position tab.

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            ...in which case the FileMaker 11 help file is wrong. This was a clean install of 11, (, followed by the updater) so it's not an old version of the help hanging around my system. As noted, there is no infomration on inspector in help, and when showing/hiding objects when printing is mentioned, the help directs you to a place that isn't there anymore (which was why I was looking at the help at all - I knew where it should have been.)

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              Just pointing out where it is. This would appear to be a documentation error and isn't the only one currently found in FileMaker.

              On my windows XP system this does not appear to be the case unless I am looking at a different help article than you as a quick search for "sliding" found this in an article titled "Removing blank spaces in print outs":

              To set sliding options:
              Note  The effects of the sliding options you set only appear in Preview mode and printouts, not in Browse mode.
              In Layout mode, select both the objects you want to slide and the left-most (or top-most) field that you want the other objects to slide into so it can shrink.
              Click Inspector in the layout bar, then click Position.
              In the Sliding & Visibility area, select the sliding options you want.
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                Thank you for your post.
                I was able to locate 'Sliding objects' definition in the FileMaker Pro Help Glossary, and do see the direction you noted:  "Set sliding in Layout mode (choose Format menu > Sliding/Printing)".  I have reported this to the Documentation Manager.  In the help file section "Controlling how layouts print" you can find directions for using the sliding options under the Position tab of the Inspector.
                For future reference, there is a Feature Requests web form at: http://www.filemaker.com/company/contact/feature_request.html.  I recommend that you use this form for your comments regarding the design changes made to FileMaker Pro 11. These forms are read by FileMaker Development and Product Management. 

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