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Slow Script Debugger Performance with Data Viewer Open

Question asked by KennethPiehl on Feb 23, 2015
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Slow Script Debugger Performance with Data Viewer Open


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Description of the issue

Very slow script debugger performance when the data viewer is open for some scripts. I've been able to reproduce this issue on 2 separate machines, but it doesn't occur on every machine we've tested. Issue is similar to issue reported for FM12 at

This issue occurred prior to upgrading to Yosemite and in previous versions of FM13.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Both script debugger and data viewer must be open simultaneously. Only occurs on very long, complex scripts. These files are legacy files that have been converted from fp7 to fmp12. This problem has been observed in two different files.

Expected result

Normal debugger operation.

Actual result

Delays occur at the following points: 1) When the script first opens in the debugger -- Script always fails to open on first click of button. On 2nd click it appears in script debugger. Then it disappears from debugger for approx. 45 seconds. Finally it reappears and the script can be executed. 2) When changing to some, but not all layouts. 3) When executing a new record script step 4) When importing records.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

In addition to the delays, when running from a local copy of the file, I receive a message of "Find in Progress" during the wait times. It occurs twice for each delay--disappearing briefly before returning. Please note that I am not receiving this message during the actual execution of a FIND. It occurs on seemingly unrelated script steps or at the opening of the script in the debugger.

Configuration information

Yosemite/FM13v5. It appears that this problem is somewhat related to the local cache as it is mitigated when running subsequent passes through the debugger. However, closing the file and reopening will cause the same long delays as before.


Closing the data viewer. I have tried recovering the files, rebuilding the layouts, changing themes, rebuilding the scripts, but nothing seems to have a positive effect.