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    Slow Scrolling Anything in 10 on XP only



      Slow Scrolling Anything in 10 on XP only

      Description of the issue

      Folks I reported this bug on both Technet and in the Using FileMaker forum, but not here (were some FileMaker folks suggested I do). If you scroll anything using the up and down arrows in the scroll area of the window, with 10 in XP (Portal, Table View or List View) it will be significantly slower than in 9. I have confirmation from FileMaker that it is indeed a known issue (List View anyway), I do however wish to clarify a bit. I have examples of this on Portals as well as on List and Table Views. I replicated the problem with or without any graphic objects on the layout. There isn't as much of a speed hit, if you scroll by using a wheel mouse or if you click between the slider and the appropriate directional arrow (page at a time). The screen redraw is a little slower, but not much. I can provide a sample file if you wish. We have found this to be the case on all our 60 or so XP box's - relative to the PC's base performance of course. Vince DolanWaymar Industries

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          Thank you for your post.


          Yes, I would like to see sample file.  I have sent you a private message (top of this page - right side - X Messages) with instructions where to send the file.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            Thank you for sending a sample file.  I can definitely duplicate the problem.


            I have created a new issue and sent this to our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments for review and confirmation.  When more information becomes available, I will let you know.



            FileMaker, Inc. 

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              This issue is not limited to XP. We have been able to reproduce it on multiple Windows systems. What we (and our clients) are seeing is that the portal scrolling is oppressively slow when using the up/down arrows. It is faster when using the page up/down scroll, but it is still significantly slower to draw new rows in 10 than in 9. This is only an issue on Windows systems, and the number of unstored calculations contained in a portal does have an impact, but we believe the issue is with the number of records that FM 10 is caching in advance of the actual screen draw.


              The current behavior suggests that FM10 (Win) is not retrieving the portal records until they are in fact visible. On some level this may be an improvement, but in practice the impact on usability and productivity is so significant that we have clients who have actually reverted to FM 9. We have seen performance issues in FM 10 related to the use of custom menus, but this is not a factor with this issue. We suspect that script triggers are a factor, but if they are, it would have to be the possibility that script triggers could exist, not that they actually are present. (None of the systems where we are seeing this behavior use script triggers.)


              It would make sense that the presence of an "On Record Load" script trigger could pose an issue when "loading" the next X records in a portal, but this does not explain the performance hit (a) when no triggers are present, or (b) when using a Windows OS vs. Mac.


              We were very disappointed to find no improvement with the release of 10.3 and would like to be updated on the status of addressing this issue so that we can update our clients.


              Heather McCue

              Harmonic Data Associates

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                This problem has been previously reported and verified.  This scrolling performance slowdown only occurs on Windows OS and is attributable to the number of objects on the Layout.


                No other information is available at this time.



                FileMaker, Inc. 

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                  I have a busy layout (buttons and such, no calcs or related values) and list view scrolling is 4-5 times slower on v10 than v9.  Page up/dn is almost the same, but screen refreshes are maybe 20% slower (est.).  Hosted files on win2003, same diff. for clients on XP and Vista and TS sessions on server 2003.


                  Hope this can get fixed or improved - it's a vital feature of Filemaker for quick data browsing.

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                    I have just upgraded our complete system to FM6 to FM10 and FMserver 10. Oh boy was I disappointed when I scrolled through records. Calls to the support desk left me with no support. As matters stand FM10 is unusable for us and I will have to rollback to FM6 which is slightly ridiculous.


                    I need a fix for this ASAP please.


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                      There is still no update at this time.



                      FileMaker, Inc. 

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                        Hi TSGal.


                        Would you be so kind as to recommend to the Product Managers or other decision makers perhaps to review their communication methods for bug releases?


                        I can empathize with the need to not publicize new features coming in a future new release, but as for bug fixes it would be great if they changed their model to state whether:


                        1. If there will indeed be a patch release to fix bugs or that it is even on the radar.

                        2. What bug fixes it will fix.



                        I dont really understand why there seems to be a sense of clandestinity with knowing if there will be a fix and if there is one coming out, what we can expect for it. It really would help us plan our rollouts and development as we could plan and anticipate. It doesnt even have to big a hard date. It could be something like: "Yes we are aware of the problem and this will be addressed in a patch that may be released 4th QTR" etc. etc.


                        I dont think fixing bugs or releasing patches break any kind of NDA or give away trade secrets. I just cant wrap my head around why this information is not shared.


                        Please pass this suggestion onto the prior mentioned folks at FMI. I would appreciate it very much.


                        Thank you.






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                          Mr Vodka has a valid point.


                          I am now in a position whereby after a week of redesigning layouts because FM decided to re-position the status bar to the top, splashing out for FMserver 10 and 25 licenses for FM10 I have to wait for an unknown period for this bug to be addressed before I can even found out what other bugs exist.


                          Please, someone needs to come back to me on this with some sort of an answer.


                          TS Gal your responce is really unacceptable . Yes I am angry and fed up being fobbed off, get something done or at least get some news I can work with.


                          How do I go about getting a refund?

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                               Mark perhaps you should reword your statement. We are all frustrated but it does venture on the border line of inappropriate.
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                                 Does TSG work for FM?
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                                The only part that ventures on the boardline of inappropriate is the part about shooting her.  The rest is totally acceptable wording.  Since TSGal is the ONLY connection to FMI that we have, she'll get it.  Simple.  If the heat gets too high for her, let her throw the Product Manager into the ring.

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                                     Yes she does, but still the whole "be ____ for your reply" could be reworded.
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                                       This is a known issue to FileMaker. This is open to be fixed at this time in the next release of FileMaker Pro. It is unlikly that this will be fixed in a vrev.
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