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Slow Scrolling Anything in 10 on XP only

Question asked by VinceDolan on May 27, 2009
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Slow Scrolling Anything in 10 on XP only

Description of the issue

Folks I reported this bug on both Technet and in the Using FileMaker forum, but not here (were some FileMaker folks suggested I do). If you scroll anything using the up and down arrows in the scroll area of the window, with 10 in XP (Portal, Table View or List View) it will be significantly slower than in 9. I have confirmation from FileMaker that it is indeed a known issue (List View anyway), I do however wish to clarify a bit. I have examples of this on Portals as well as on List and Table Views. I replicated the problem with or without any graphic objects on the layout. There isn't as much of a speed hit, if you scroll by using a wheel mouse or if you click between the slider and the appropriate directional arrow (page at a time). The screen redraw is a little slower, but not much. I can provide a sample file if you wish. We have found this to be the case on all our 60 or so XP box's - relative to the PC's base performance of course. Vince DolanWaymar Industries