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Sluggish after registering demo version

Question asked by Sef on Jul 5, 2012


Sluggish after registering demo version


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OS X 10.7.4

Description of the issue

I built a database using the Filemaker Pro 12 Demo version and populated that database with all the records necessary for testing.  Everything worked fine.  Then I purchased a license and entered the serial number.  Immediately after entering the serial number, Filemaker became exceedingly slow, hesitating when switching layouts or attempting to edit a field in layout mode.  I get the spinning wheel for up to 10 seconds every time I click on an object in layout mode or even attempt to enter or exit layout mode.  Performance is fine in Browse Mode, but switching to and operating in Layout Mode is very sluggish.  There was no difference between the Demo version of my database and the Registered version when this problem began.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Rebooted computer. Deleted all records. There are no graphics. No issues with other apps or my OS.