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SMTP Error 1506 on Windows XP SP3

Question asked by tduell_1 on Jul 11, 2012
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SMTP Error 1506 on Windows XP SP3


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows XP SP 3

Description of the issue

We are able to use our test file on OS X to send SMTP using the Send Mail script step just fine. When we run the same exact file and script from a Windows XP SP 3 box we receive the universal 1506 error message that tells us nothing about why it refuses to send. We are aware of malformed header problems dating all the way back to FileMaker 10 days (several years now). That's why we switched to SMTPit and an external generic Yahoo email account for Windows users. Now that we are on FileMaker Server 12 we are re-investigating using the built in Send Mail script for full server-based automation. However, we are still having the same problems sending SMTP email on Windows only. Why the Send Mail script using the SMTP server settings would work on OS X and not Windows is completely baffling!

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Yes, we even tried the trick to remove the user name and only send the email address. That did not make a difference. It still produced the 1506 error.

2. Our SMTP setting as as easy as they get:

Name: Support
Email Address: support@
Reply-To Address: support@

Outgoing SMTP Server:
Port: 25
Connection Encryption: None
Authentication: None

To: me@
Subject: Test Email
Message: Get(CurrentTimeStamp) - calculation used to test emails in timestamp order.

3. Our email server runs on OS X Server with Squirrel Mail/Postfix. The server is set to allow internal relays of any email using I even went so far as to add a special exception for the Windows XP IP address, which of course did not help either.

Actual result

The emails all go through and are received just fine from OS X. The emails always encounter error 1506 from Windows.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Error 1506 Emails could not be sent.


There still does not seem to be any work around for the SMTP feature on Windows since it was implemented in FileMaker 10. TSGal, do you have any idea how to get the SMTP feature to work for Windows users?