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SMTP sends dozens of emails to each recipient

Question asked by rayshaus on Jan 12, 2009
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SMTP sends dozens of emails to each recipient

Description of the issue

I have Filemaker Pro 10 (trial version).  When I send emails to a group of people, every recipient receives about as many emails as the number of email addresses in the list.  For example if I have 20 emails in the list, every recipient receives at least 20 emails.  I set up small database with names, telephone numbers and email addresses.  In the Send Mail Dialog Box, I entered the following: Send via:  SMTP Server Create: (*)Multiple emails (one for each record in found set) TO: TABLENAME::FIELDNAME (where values are picked from the appropriate table name and fieldname). (checked) Collect addresses across found set.OK When I click OK, there is never any message that indicates the progress or how many emails are actually sent. Many of the emails in my list are my own emails or those of associates.  So for those, we know how many are received.  All email recipients receive at least as many emails as there were email addresses in the found set. Further, the first email to each recipient only show a single email to the one recipient.  All additional emails show the addresses of all recipients (which was not desirable). Does anyone else have this issue?  When I called tech support, they only directed me to Knowledge Base article 6991, which only states the obvious instructions.  It is not the solution to the problem.  Any help would be greatly appreciated as this was one feature that I needed in the package. TksRay