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Snapshot Link attachment generates error

Question asked by bsheifer47 on Jun 19, 2011
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Snapshot Link attachment generates error


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Windows Server 2003

Description of the issue

Each day I have Filemaker Server run a script from one of my solutions, that attaches a snapshot link to an email. In the loop around 40 or 50 emails go out.
The snapshot link is exported to the FM Server Documents folder, and from the client perspective, the process works flawlessly.
When the script runs, it generates a schedule status email to me, which reports error 101, but does not specify what the error is.

This is obviously just a nuisance because it makes it hard to tell if there is a genuine error or not

Steps to reproduce the problem

At 6:45 AM Monday Morning, the problem will reproduce. It happens every weekday.
I have a trap script that keeps the full script which attaches the .fpsl from running on Saturdays and Sundays, so on weekends the message I get is the script ran without error

Expected result

No error

Actual result

Here is a sample email I received last week. Get two a day, as two different scripts attach the .fpsl:

FileMaker Server on Sun Industries_FMS reported the following event:

2011-06-13 06:45:04.552 -0700     Information     644     Sun Industries_FMS     Schedule "SST_ Action Item Followups" completed; last scripting error (101).

Contact information not specified.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

See above actual result

Configuration information

The company has 4 servers, all running Windows Server 2003.

One of the Servers hosts Terminal Services

Filemaker Server Advanced is installed on its own server, and it is a single-machine install

All clients and the client version on Terminal Services are updated to FMP 11.3


As mentioned above it is simply a nuisance and makes it hard to determine a genuine error when the system "Cries Wolf."