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Snapshot link bug

Question asked by on Apr 4, 2010
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Snapshot link bug

Description of the issue

When using separation model, the snapshot link does not work.E.g.interface.fp7 (holds only layouts, but no data tables)data.fp7 (holds all data tables) When I go to layout "Contact" in interface.fp7, which is tied to the table "Contact" from data.fp7 the snapshot link file is created, but when you open an error message occur and tells that the layout or table is no longer existing.When you view the snapshot link file, it seems to be correct and the record id's is there along with layout and table id's. This bug occur always, if both files are on FMS and if data.fp7 is on FMS and interface.fp7 is on clients desktop. I only use the separation model when developing FM solutions. If this bug is not acknowledged, this new great feature, is completely useless !...and at least the documentation should mentioned that this feature is only for small "home coocked" solutions....