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Snapshot Links are not updated by FP7-FMP12 conversions

Question asked by dburnham on Oct 31, 2014
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Snapshot Links are not updated by FP7-FMP12 conversions


FileMaker Pro


FP7 to FMP12 conversion

Operating system version


Description of the issue

If you have any scripts in a FileMaker v.11 or earlier database which create snapshot links with a defined filename and path, you will see that the extension given to the name of the snapshot link file is .fpsl

After converting the file to FMP12, you must edit these scripts to make the extension of the snapshot link file  .fmpsl

Otherwise, the snapshot link will try to launch the earlier version of FileMaker.  If you still have the application, it won't be able to open the file because it's not longer an FP7 file, or no longer on an older server, or both.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Make a snapshot link using FMP12 or FMP13 with a script that was created in FMP-11 or earlier

Expected result

the filename extension of the snapshot link should be FMPSL

Actual result

The filename extension remains  FPSL after the database is converted to version 12/13

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

message depends on whether or not you still have FP11 on your computer.  Basically, the file won't be found.


edit the filename extension manually, or re-write any scripts that produce snapshot link files.

IMHO, the conversion procedure for files in versions older than 12 should look for any script steps that contain the text .fpsl and change it to .fmpsl