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    Snapshot Links are not updated by FP7-FMP12 conversions



      Snapshot Links are not updated by FP7-FMP12 conversions


      FileMaker Pro


      FP7 to FMP12 conversion

      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      If you have any scripts in a FileMaker v.11 or earlier database which create snapshot links with a defined filename and path, you will see that the extension given to the name of the snapshot link file is .fpsl

      After converting the file to FMP12, you must edit these scripts to make the extension of the snapshot link file  .fmpsl

      Otherwise, the snapshot link will try to launch the earlier version of FileMaker.  If you still have the application, it won't be able to open the file because it's not longer an FP7 file, or no longer on an older server, or both.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Make a snapshot link using FMP12 or FMP13 with a script that was created in FMP-11 or earlier

      Expected result

      the filename extension of the snapshot link should be FMPSL

      Actual result

      The filename extension remains  FPSL after the database is converted to version 12/13

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      message depends on whether or not you still have FP11 on your computer.  Basically, the file won't be found.


      edit the filename extension manually, or re-write any scripts that produce snapshot link files.

      IMHO, the conversion procedure for files in versions older than 12 should look for any script steps that contain the text .fpsl and change it to .fmpsl

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          Dennis Burnham:

          Thank you for your post.

          As documented on page 37 of FileMaker Pro 13 Help, "Snapshot links cannot be converted. You must convert the database from which the records were found and then re-create the snapshot link."


          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Just a suggestion:

            When converting files, we don't suddenly remember to consult Page 37 of the FIleMaker Help.  Seems to me it would be a good idea to present a quick reminder of whatever might require post-conversion attention, just like other dialog boxes that appear when a process is done.  Even if the reminder does nothing more than say "refer to Page 37" it would still be better than nothing.  No message or dialog creates the false impression that the conversion was successful and the only errors appear in the log.

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              Maybe I misunderstood the original post, but my understanding was that Dennis Burnham was talking about the "Save Records as Snapshot Link" script step where the path specified could be corrected during conversion (like external file references to .fp7 files do not keep the .fp7 file extension, it is removed upon conversion so the external file refs keep working). Dennis did not mention explicitly the script step, but his original post mentions re-writing the script in both the description and workaround.

              What confuses me, is that if I create a .fp7 file with a script that contains a "Save Records as Snapshot Link" script step where a file path is provided, and then convert the file, the new filepath shows .fmpsl at the end (I tried performing the conversion both with 12.0v5 and 13.0v3 on my mac). I don't think the original post is concerned by the snapshot link files that were generated before the conversion happens, but if I am mistaken, please let me know.

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                Yes, in the original post I was describing a script step that had been written in FMP-11 to create a snapshot link.  When I look at that script in FMP-13 the extension is unchanged.  

                FMI tells me that it's not something that gets converted automatically, and my response was, OK, but shouldn't the users be informed at the end of the conversion to alert them to any possible (known) detail that is not handled by file conversion -- instead of going to the Help file to go searching.

                In your conversion, fpsl got converted to fmpsl .  In my database it did not.  Make me jealous!

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                  Hi Dennis, I'm sorry if the fact that I'm observing different results on my own workstation infuriates you (part of me would have preferred witnessing the same behaviour). Can you give more details about what FM Version you are using for the conversion and what OS your workstation runs? If you start with a blank .FP7 file, create a script that has the one script step with a file path specified, do you still obtain .fpsl as an extension instead of .fmpsl?

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                    Hello There,

                    I am wondering if a common cause of this issue could be when the filename is defined on a variable and then, only the variable is referred by the script step.

                    Obviously, the script conversion will not update the variable formula as it can do on the save script step.

                    But as far i know, on the exact same case, with the save steps when the extension is fp7, it is updated "on the fly", during execution.

                    Bye, Fred