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So little data in the Server logs

Question asked by lanclos on Jun 7, 2013


So little data in the Server logs


FileMaker Server

Operating system version


Description of the issue

I am getting error messages that look like this ... 2013-06-07 00:40:29     Web Publishing Core     Error admin XML 802 501 "/fmi/xml/FMPXMLRESULT.xml?-db=Agents.fp7&-lay=webdetail&-max=1&Agent ID=L13282&-find"

Someone is trying to access my databases using an old form or link and its returning an error. I do not know where this webpage is located or how they are making the server inquiry. How can I stop these incorrect attempts to access data? How can I find out what page he is on when making the query? Can I add to the logs to help troubleshoot this?