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Solution found for frequent FileMaker crashes

Question asked by RobinRieke on May 11, 2011
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Solution found for frequent FileMaker crashes


FileMaker Pro



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OS 10.6.7

Description of the issue

I found the solution to my problem of frequent Filemaker Pro crashes on my Mac. I am running Carbonite as an offsite backup and Carbonite was set on "High Priority" backup. In Activity Monitor, the Carbonite daemon was shown to be utilizing essentially 100% of the CPU in High Priority mode. This usage dropped off to very low values in about a minute or so. But this was absolutely enough to crash FileMaker Pro if I was using it when Carbonite kicked in. I changed the setting to Low Priority to conserve bandwidth and this has solved the problem. I haven't had a single crash since changing this setting. My Mac Consultant, John Spargo, is the one who finally figured it out. Thanks to everyone who took time to make suggestions to help me solve this problem. Robin