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Some calc fields display no data on new iMacs

Question asked by mikewson on Jul 5, 2010
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Some calc fields display no data on new iMacs


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Snow Leopard

Description of the issue

A calculation field, 'Name Combo' should display the customer's First Name and Last Name. And normally it does. But with two brand new iMacs the field is always blank! (For all 7,000 records) If you move the file to a any other machine the problem goes away. Move it back to one of the new iMacs, and the field is empty again. Recovering the file and importing the data into a pristine clone doesn't help. Re-installing FileMaker does not help. Repairing permissions AND the hard drive made no difference. At least 6 other fields have the same problem.
Hint: If you put a new copy of the field on the layout it works properly. But the original one still fails. If you then paint the format of the original onto the new one... it then fails also.
Finally, the problem is ONLY reproducible on the two brand new iMacs. Ten other Macs do NOT show this problem.