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some data gets lost when passing it into FM with PHP API

Question asked by tktmfk on Mar 21, 2009


some data gets lost when passing it into FM with PHP API

Description of the issue

Hi folks, I am currently trying to pass some data into FM over the PHP api.I've got two scripts ... one demo-script with test-data that works flawlesslyand one productive-script that is parsing the content to be inserted froman email-message ... I am using the addNewCommand-procedure like suggestedin the manuals. The weird thing is: In the demo-script all the data is saved into FM.In the productive-script some data isn't saved into FM. Currently my only guess is that it could have something to do with the data itself,but what could it be? Maybe some characted-encoding issues? Is it necessary to convert textual data in PHP before sending it to FM? By the way: I don't get any error-message from FM!It all seems nice and clean ... except the fact that some datais "gone" ... One additional side-effect is that is seems to make a differencein which order the data is put into the hash?!   If you need further information, please let me know. Thank you all in advance + kind regards,Krystian