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    Some FileMaker Menu Items Become Unavailable



      Some FileMaker Menu Items Become Unavailable


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OS X 10.7.3

      Description of the issue

      Again, I can't pinpoint what makes this happen.  I'm running FileMaker on the Server, and every once in a while, the Scripts menu (and possibly other menu items), which were previously available, become unavailable.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Open a database in FileMaker Pro Advanced that is hosted on FileMaker Pro Server.

      Expected result

      I can access the Scripts menu.

      Actual result

      The Scripts menu is grayed out.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


      Configuration information

      FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 database, hosted on FileMaker Server 12 Advanced.


      I have to stop the FileMaker database, move it out of the FileMaker Server/Data/Databases folder, upload it again (using the "upload" button in the FileMaker Server Admin Console), and reopen it.  Then I can see the Scripts menu again.

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          Is the status area visible when this happens?

          Is there any chance that a script is paused at the time these menup options grey out on you?

          If so, you should see at least a "continue" button appear in the status area.

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            No, there wasn't a script running.  It happened right after I opened the file.  Nothing was happening in the background.

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              Are you sure? Did you check in the status area?

              Scripts can be set to execute automatically when the file is opened, when a specific layout is entered, when a record becomes current or when a field is entered--all of which can take place just by opening your file. (And such a script can trip other such triggers...)

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                Yes, I know.  I've been a FileMaker developer since 1997.  Unless for some reason, FileMaker 12 is taking more than 30 seconds to go to a layout, no script was running in the background.  I have noticed that FileMaker 12 doesn't respond for quite a while after running longer scripts, so we'll assume the previous sentence is possible.

                In that case, the issue might not be that script menu items are unavailable, and instead, the issue is that FileMaker 12 takes a considerable amount of time to "recover" after running a script.

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                  Deepali Gokhale:

                  Thank you for your posts.

                  If the opening script is taking longer to execute than FileMaker Pro 11 (or your previous version), what script steps are being used?  That is, is the script looping through records?  Replacing values?

                  FileMaker, Inc.

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                    The opening script isn't doing much other than going to a layout.  I'll assume it's taking a while to load the layout, as it has related records, etc. 

                    The other scripts that are taking a very long time to recover are looping through thousands of records (between 5-10k) and/or replacing field values.  FileMaker doesn't respond for over a minute after the script is done executing. 

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                      Here's a more detailed example.  I am running FileMaker Pro Advanced, version 12 client from my desktop (not hosted on fm server) my Mac, OS X 10.7.1. 

                      I just ran a script that creates 2 records in 2 other related files through a relationship to the current table.  The current table is Production.  The related tables are Action and ActionLink, both related to the Production table directly.

                      The script went through 1121 records in the Production table and created a record in the Action table and the ActionLink table for each record.  The script itself took aobut 5 minutes.  After it was done, I couldn't access the layout pop-up, the scripts menu, or do anything except scroll back and forth on the current layout for a full minute, during which my hard disk continued spinning like it was doing something, and my laptop fan was running.  After about a minute, everything was fine.  I don't think the database did anything that spectacular that would need a whole minute to recover, or at least it never did in earlier versions of FileMaker.