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    some get funtions doesn't work



      some get funtions doesn't work

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      I’ve got a table with three fields defined: field 1             textfield 2             calc      = Get ( ActiveFieldName )field 3             calc      = Get ( ActiveFieldContents )After entering data into field 1(i.e. “xxx”) and being it active, I have nothing in field 2 and field 3 when I shoud get “field 1” and “xxx” respectively.What I’m doing wrong?Thanks a lot

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          Thank you for your post.


          The purpose of Get (ActiveFieldName) and Get (ActiveFieldContents) is mainly for developers to obtain data when a script is running.  However, it can still be used.


          When you define "field2" and "field3", you need to click on "Storage Options..." and put a check mark in the selection "Do not store calculation results -- recalculate when needed".


          Now, when you place your cursor in field1, you should see "field1" display in field2.  After entering information into field1, you may not see information immediately displayed in field3.  You may have to go back a record and return to the original record so it can be evaluated at that time.



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                 I try to Set a variable $content = Get ( ActiveFieldContents )

                 However, it seems not working as well.

                 Is there any limitation for field types to use Get ( ActiveFieldContents )?



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                     I am having the same frustration:  FM12 Pro: I have a single layout with one text field that activates as a button.  Performs A single script:

              1.           Set Variable [$T1; Value:Get(ActiveFieldName)]
              3.           Set Variable [$T2; Value:Get(ActiveFieldContents)]
              5.           Set Variable [$T3; Value:Get(ActiveFieldTableName)]
              7.           Set Variable [$T4; Value:Get(ActiveLayoutObjectName)]

                   I turn on Script Debugger and Data Viewer: When I mouse the text field and step through the script, the Data Viewer shows no values returned by the Get() functions no matter what is entered in the text box. Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? Is this similar to the functions that do not work if you have a "." in the file name? 

                   Thanks, Knucklehead

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                     Isaac King:

                     Thank you for your post.

                     If the field is set as a button, then there is no active field and no active object name.  Instead, remove the button and change the field with the script trigger OnObjectEnter.  This will then capture all the information for the four variables.

                     In the Data Viewer, make sure you are monitoring $T1, $T2, $T3 and $T4.  Otherwise, you won't see anything appear under the Current tab.

                     Let me know if you need additional clarification.

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